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We are grateful for the gifts received from our NMF Alumni and Friends in honor of their teachers, mentors, and beloved family members.

If there is someone special in your life, or some special occasion that you want to honor or remember, it is easy to do. Click here to make a donationor send your gift by mail to our New York Office:
12 East 46th Street, 5E
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 212.483.8880
Fax: 212.483.8897
Please address your check to National Medical Fellowships, Inc.

Please tell us as much as you can about the person you want to honor or remember, and let us know who you want us to notify about your gift, so that we can share your tribute with others. If you are thinking about establishing a scholarship in honor or memory of someone special, please contact Paula Mejia, our Chief Development Officer by email or by phone: 212-483-8880 ext 303. Paula will work with you to ensure that your gift will make a difference to our students, to the work we do, and to person who is special to you, or to his or her legacy.

Below is a list of tribute gifts and scholarships from our generous NMF Alumni and Friends over the past year, for which we want to say Thank You – for your gift, and for your commitment.

List in Formation. 


In Honor of

Dr. Brenda Aiken Evangeline Aiken
Dr. Carol B. Allen Dr. Gary C. Butts
Dr. Terry L. Andrews Dr. LaSalle D. Leffall, Jr.
Dr. Eric Ayers Dr. Alma George P. Humerus
Dr. David P. Bayne Eulalie Harris Bayne
Ms. Joanne Bell-Moodie Dr. Benjeil Edghill
Dr. Miriam Brown Mann Mr. and Mrs. Frank & Olivia Brown
Drs. Melville E. and Jo Ivey Boufford Dr. George E. Thibault
Ms. Jessica Burris Dr. Shelley Dunson-Allen
Dr. Ronald A. Charles Albert Charles
Mr. Robert Cordero Dr. Frederick Diaz
Dr. Lisa Crane Eugene Crane
Mr. and Mrs. Claude G. Creary Dr. Benjeil Edghill
Ms. Anita E. Dabney Drs. Stephen Keith & Helene Gayle
Ms. Thayne S. Dalrymple Stanley and Cheryl Dalrymple
Dr. Kenneth L. Dominguez Emil R. Dominguez, Sr.
Ms. Nadia Drew Dr. Benjeil Edghill
Dr. Amy Edmondson Dr. Ronald Navarro
Ms. Antonia T. Edghill Dr. Benjeil Edghill
Dr. Benjeil Z. Edghill The Edghill Family
Dr. John E. Ellis Ms. Adela Cepeda
Dr. Cary M. English Ms. Lois Alveda English
Dr. Delia Figueroa Mr. Jonathan A. Schmidt
Ms. Kathleen Fluegel Dr. Arthur W. Kaemmer
Ms. Constance Elaine Golding Dr. Mitchell
Ms. C. Ellen Golding Dr. Answorth Allen
Mr. Richard Gordon Dr. Edward Gordon
Dr. Mirian M. Graddick-Weir Mr. Daniel T. McGowan
Dr. Samuel L. Guillory Dr. Benjeil Edghill
Dr. Tyler C. Hightower Ms. Gwendolyn Lee, Beloved mother
Dr. Claudine D. Johnson Ms. Cheria Dial
Dr. Wallace E. Johnson Ms. Ilea Howard
Dr. Jared W. Jones Dr. Randolph W. Jones
Ms. Julia Kaemmer and Mr. Olivier Vrambout Dr. Arthur W. Kaemmer
Mr. Leonard Kelley Lindquist Dr. Arthur W. Kaemmer
Mr. and Mrs. Winston Kennedy Dr. Benjeil Edghill
Dr. Katrena Kennedy Dr. Franklin C. McLean
Dr. Amy Ladd Dr. Ronald Navarro
Mr. and Mrs. Donovan A. Ljung Dr. Arthur W. Kaemmer
Mr. Thomas C. Malin Dr. Earnestine Willis
Dr. Michael Malik Delford G. Williams
Dr. Samuel Milton, MD Da Fellas
Dr. Connie Mitchell Tom and Ruth Mitchell
Dr. Victoria Nichols R. and Mr. Louis C. Johnson Tim and Kay Allen
Dr. Sandra B. Nichols Mr. Daniel T. McGowan
Dr. Anke L. Nolting Dr. Shearwood McClelland
Mr. Bob Olberding and Mrs. Lynn Olberding Dr. Alvin H. Crawford
Dr. Felix A. Olobatuyi Dr. Kenisha Dansey Olobatuyi
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Patterson Panda Pediatrics and Adolescent Care
Mr. Ronald Redd Ms. Adela Cepeda
Mr. and Mrs. John Rufer Dr. Esther Dyer
Mr. Ricardo Samuda and Mrs. Rosemary Samuda Dr. Benjeil Edghill
Dr. Shellyann K. Sharpe Shannon Tavarez
Ms. Joan E. Steel Ms. Adela Cepeda
Dr. Leanne M. Stoneking James D. Stoneking
Ms. Karen Teitelbaum Bruce Siegel
Dr. Robert E. Tranquada Dr. Arthur W. Kaemmer
Dr. Bruce Trotman Dr. Mary Enid Trotman
The University of Chicago Dr. Selwyn O. Rogers
Ms. Katie Wickman Prentiss Taylor, MD
Mr. Gary Williams Dr. Daniel Laroche


In Memory of

Dr. Karen J. Ambrose Thelma L. Ambrose, beloved mother
Dr. Barbara L. Allen Adell & Fitz Herbert Allen, beloved parents
Dr. Mary S. E. Alston Dr. John Alston
Dr. Ann V. Arthur-Andrew Rosalind Arthur
Dr. Glen J. Barbee James Barbee, Jr.
Dr. Mary E. Bradshaw Walter H. Bradshaw, Jr.
Dr. Gary C. Butts Wayne A. Butts
Ms. Adela M. Cepeda Albert C. Maule
Dr. Theresa-Ann Clark Anne West Clark
Mrs. Marguerite Cordice Dr. John W.V. Cordice Jr., beloved husband
Dr. Wesley A. Curry Jimmie Lue Curry
Ms. Diane DeVita Meddie and Charlene Freeman
Dr. Vicki L. Duncan Alfred R. Duncan
Dr. Esther R. Dyer Dr. Eamon M. Kelly
Dr. Temitope Y. Foster Mrs. Agnes Omotanwa
Dr. and Mrs. Preston Forester Dr. David Forester, beloved uncle
Dr. Barbara J. Freeman Alice Miller
Dr. Peggy A. Fuller Charlie W. Fuller Sr.
Ms. Franca Gaudio Luther H. Dyer
Ms. Franca Gaudio Martha Kaemmer
Ms. C. Ellen Golding Dr. Errol Thompson
Ms. Constance Elaine Golding John V. Golding, beloved father
Ms. Diane Goodstein Dr. Mildred Maynard
Dr. Vivian D. Griffin William Griffin Jr.
Dr. Cheryl M. T. Gwyn Dr. Levi Watkins, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Hannum Joyce T. Hannum
Dr. Leslie A. Hayes Elizabeth and Clifford Hayes
Dr. Sharon M. Henry Clifton O. Henry
Dr. Corliss Jones-Williams Dr. Keith H. Williams
Dr. Arthur W. Kaemmer Martha Kaemmer, beloved wife
Ms. Maralyn J. Kenney Joseph B. Kenney
Ms. Helena M. Lindsey Margery Mitchell
Dr. Donna M. Mendes Bernice & Benjamin Mendes
Mr. Hector Rasgado Dr. Rodrigo Rasgado
Dr. Jolan S. Rhodes Kevin Alexander, MD
Dr. Jolan S. Rhodes Ella Harris Dobson
Dr. Ramona L. Rhodes Linda Rhodes
Dr. Frank O. Richards Frank O. Richards, Sr.
Dr. Giavonne D. Rondo Hillman Lola Smith Rondo, beloved mother
Dr. Delwyn H. Sargeant Dr. Deborah Brathwaite, beloved cousin
Dr. Rita C. Silva-Leu Dr. Jeanie K. Gillinta, great friend
Dr. Rita C. Silva-Leu Dr. Sean Henderson, mentor
Dr. Milton G. Smith Carl Nicholas, MD
Dr. Harriette L. Starr Harry & Jacqueline Starr, beloved parents
Dr. James E. Stein Mike Stein, MD
Dr. Leanne M. Stoneking James Stoneking
Dr. Lauree Thomas Dr. George I. Lythcott
Dr. Lauree Thomas Mildred Thomas, beloved Mother
Dr. and Mrs. Mark L. Walker Dr. Marshall John Garner
Ms. Karriem Watson Dr. Fred Phillips
Dr. Karlene Williams and Mr. Drew Johnson Thoribia Williams
Dr. Isaure Yates John Luomis
Excellence in Eye Care Richard F. Bunting, MD


NMF Memorial Scholarships and Awards:

Anarcha, Betsy, and Lucy Memorial Scholarship
Aura E. Severinghaus Award
Mary Ball Carerra Scholarship
Dr. David K. McDonogh Scholarship in Ophthalmology/ENT
Franklin C. McLean Award
Hugh J. Andersen Memorial Scholarship Program
Dr. Randolph Chase Memorial Scholarship
Wayne Anthony Butts Scholarship
William and Charlotte Cadbury Award