Including a bequest to NMF in your will or trust is an easy way to help the physicians of the future. It does not affect your current financial situation or assets. It’s easy to change if your circumstances or philanthropic priorities change. And it may save you and yours estate taxes later. Most of all, you will have helped a deserving medical student complete his or her education. That will bring health to a host of people you will never meet. That is a gift of healthy tomorrows for so many. Talk to your financial advisor. You can give a specific dollar amount, a part of your IRA or insurance policy, or a percentage of your estate after all distributions and costs. Let us know if you are thinking about a gift and need more information. And, if you do include NMF in your estate plan, let us know so we can thank you and welcome you to the elite group of visionaries who appreciate NMF’s enduring legacy.