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Since 1946, more than 30,000 medical students and physicians from groups underrepresented in medicine have received awards from NMF. These physicians are our NMF alumni – who we are.

  • Some NMF Alumni are students and young residents, just beginning their careers in an environment of change: they will help shape the healthcare of the future.
  • Others are seasoned physicians who are leaders in primary care, the medical specialties, in research and public policy, in philanthropy, and in the healthcare industries. They are the teachers, researchers, mentors, and everyday heroes who are building the next generation of healthcare leaders, to care for all of our communities.

Among those everyday heroes are the Alumni who support NMF. Robert M. White, MD, received NMF Scholarships in 1972 and 1973, and he has never forgotten how much that help meant to him. He has kept the precious letters, that came with his award.  Four years after graduation, while still in training, he began to contribute to NMF and he has kept his charitable receipts as well.“ I don’t believe that I can ever repay NMF for its contribution to my career in medicine and for whatever small contributions I have made to underserved communities.  But I try.”

Today Dr. White is helping NMF reach out to other Alums, across our NMF Alumni network.  Read Dr. White’s story here.