Service Learning Programs

National Medical Fellowships (NMF) service-learning programs provide special opportunities for students to work hands-on to enhance health care delivery in chronically underserved communities. These programs match students with mentors, often eminent NMF alumni, and focus on areas of critical clinical/public health need.

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Current Programs

ALLIANT Health Solutions/NMF Research Scholarship Program 

The ALLIANT scholarship, established in 2018, has transitioned to become a service-learning program in 2023. Scholars have the opportunity to complete a mentored research paper focused on a health care issue of their choice, with the goal of improving or extending life, or of healing on a community, national or global level. 

This program provides a $7,000 scholarship to two underrepresented students of medicine enrolled in an accredited medical program in the following U.S. States: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, or Texas.

Health Equity Leaders Program

Established in 2022 through the generous support of the Brave of Heart Fund, the NMF Health Equity Leaders Program provides underrepresented in health care, medical, and allied health students with opportunities to explore health equity service, scholarship, leadership, and advocacy.

This program offers $10,000 to 30 second-, third-, and fourth-year medical (MD, MN/PhD, DO, DO/PhD), and graduate level physician assistant and nursing students.

FARE Health Equity Scholars Program

Established in 2022, Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE), has partnered with NMF to develop the FARE Health Equity Scholars Program. This program is designed to provide students from underrepresented backgrounds with opportunities to deeply engage in food allergy research to build the pathway for diverse physicians and researchers who are committed to investigating, evaluating, and addressing the socioeconomic factors that impact health care access for food allergy patients.

This program offers a $10,000 scholarship for second, third, and fourth-year MPH, MD, MD/PhD, DO, DO/PhD students.

Johnson & Johnson/NMF AIM Scholarship (Alliance for Inclusion in Medicine)

Established in 2021, Johnson & Johnson has partnered with NMF to develop the Alliance for Inclusion in Medicine Scholarship Program. This is an innovative, three-year service-learning program designed to expose high performing underrepresented in medicine medical students with analytical skill sets that will prepare them to become future clinician and research leaders. In addition, the program will expose students to various functions within the pharmaceutical, medical devices and health care industries where physicians play a key role.

This program offers a scholarship award to second-year MD, MD/PhD, DO, DO/PhD students. Award amounts are $5,000 in year one and $10,000 in year two and three of the program. 

NMF Primary Care Leadership Program (PCLP)

PCLP provides future health care professionals with an opportunity to experience the challenges and rewards of primary care practice in community health centers across the U.S.

This program is open to medical students and graduate-level nursing and physician assistant students who are poised to become leaders in primary care and offers a $7,000 scholarship award.

United Health Foundation/NMF Diverse Medical Scholars Program

This service-learning program is designed to increase the number of qualified medical providers who have a commitment to improving access to quality health care in medically underserved communities.

This is a renewable scholarship that provides a $7,000 award to qualified medical students.