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Voices from the Field: Amplifying Clinicians’ Perspectives for Black Maternal Equity

Medical School/Institution:
Project Location/Site: Tufts University School of Medicine
Key Outcomes:
1. Structural racism influences healthcare access and outcomes; historical injustices within healthcare perpetuate disparities; racism affects the patient-provider relationship; lack of trust in the medical system and providers drives disparities; bias and discrimination in patient care; lack of Black healthcare providers affecting cultural competence and care quality. 2. Drivers of maternal inequities include systemic racism, which manifests in various barriers to maternal health equity. 3. Social determinants of health, lack of access to health education, institutuional culture, resource constraints, bias and discriiminatnion and lack of Black health care providers are barriers to maternal health equity and influence health outcomes. 4. Diversifying the healthcare workforce to be inclusive of racial and language minorities; Racial concordant care; Addressing communication barriers and hierarchy in the workplace and addressing provider bias and racism.