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Team-based approach including behavioral health, nutritionist, and primary-care physician to improve weight management in obese patients at Community Health Centers

Medical School/Institution:
Project Location/Site: HealthPointAuburn North, King County, Washington
Key Outcomes:
Patients rated high scores in the post-survey questionnaire, with mean score averages all being higher than 4.8/5. Overall, most patients at the initial visit said that this team-based approach provided additional and helpful information about weight management when compared to speaking with their PCP alone in the past. COVID-19 played a significant factor in both the one-year and two-year follow-ups on participants in terms of their BMI. Limitations and confounding factors of the study included: small sample size, selection bias, standardization of the study, and COVID-19. We recommend expanding the current study to include a larger sample size, to have multiple CHC sites, and the addition of interventional interventions to effectively measure the long-term assessment of team-based approach during post-COVID-times.