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Shots Against Violence: Hoops For Hope

Medical School/Institution:
Project Location/Site: New Orleans, LA
Key Outcomes:
We surveyed over 50 14 -18 -year-old high school students in NOLA at various institutions, utilizing the metrics that were previously discussed in the approach.100 % of the participants identified as AfricanAmerican/Black, non -Hispanic. Prior to this study, over 90 % of the participants had never considered other interventions to violence, anger, disappointment, and a host of other factors that contributed to their emotional management. Moreover, after the intervention, 100 % of the participants said that strength-based interventions would be the driving factors as to how they would manage conflict in the future. To date, however, extrapolating insight suggests ethnic identity development and Black manhood and womanhood vulnerability awareness in the teenage period of Black males as critical interrupters in the evolution of Black male/female violent activity in environments of racial trauma. Strength-based interventions may have promise in targeting this factor.