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Reducing Teen Pregnancy, STDs and Increasing Interest in Healthcare Careers Among Teens of Round Lake High School

Medical School/Institution:
Project Location/Site: Round Lake High School
Key Outcomes:
According to the increased percentage of correct answers it can be concluded that the student's knowledge of how many different types of birth control are available as well as what Gardasil/HPV vaccine helps prevent increased. When comparing the pre to the post-workshop surveys, the students were also able to name more birth control options, more long-term consequences of STDs, and more ways to tell if someone has an STD, indicating that their knowledge about these topics also increased. The presentation spoke about the need for healthcare providers who come from underrepresented groups in medicine. There was an emphasis on the need for Latinx physicians. After the presentation, their desire to pursue a career in healthcare increased from 30% to 62.5% of those who responded yes. The students that belonged to the Medical Panthers Club were students who are already interested in a career in healthcare and this accounts for those who answered yes in the pre-workshop survey. There was an increased curiosity about careers in medicine, many of the students enthusiastically asked questions about why I became a physician as well as advice that I could provide for their journey. The integration of anime into the PowerPoint was effective in keeping the attention of the students. Sexual education can be uncomfortable for teens and the teacher mentioned that the use of anime allowed them to relax and be more receptive to the information. Overall, the students learned more about birth control, STDs and their health outcomes, safe sex, and HPV vaccine and they left with an increased desire to pursue a career in medicine.