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Pipeline/Enrichment Programs for Increasing and Diversifying the Physician Workforce

Project Location/Site: California
Key Outcomes:
Despite the number of applicants applying for medical school increasing each year, there is still a physician shortage, especially among physicians who identify as an underrepresented minority in medicine. More drastic measures are necessary to fill the labor gap. 1. Increase the number of residents accepted at current institutions and develop more residency programs 2. Create more pipeline programs that offer guaranteed admission if the applicant has met that institution's criteria 3. Current pipeline programs should be assessed and required an 80% success rate in enrolling their students into an MD/DO medical school anywhere in the United States 4. Expansion of enrichment programs that target health disparities and community/public health. Expansion of accelerated Primary Care Programs in areas with high numbers of HPSA 5. Establish/Normalize a system of pipeline programs for underrepresented students that include early pipeline programs feeding into other pipeline/enrichment programs as students advance in their studies 6. UC PRIME: potential elimination of dual degree requirements