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Physician and Community Partnerships for Reducing Health Disparities and Inequity: The Development and Implementation of a Holistic After School Program for At-Risk Youth

Project Location/Site: Miami Dade County Departments of Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces, Miami Dade County Juvenile Services and Miami Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS)
Key Outcomes:
Scholars gained the following insights: 1. The challenges of curriculum development 2. The importance of physician interaction with community leaders and citizens to better understand lifestyles 3. There needs to be better team work of public officials, physicians and multidisciplinary individuals to combat healthcare issues in the United States. 4. There needs to be more advocacy for medical education to incorporate nutrition and physical education so that physicians are better equipped to address patients about better decisions. Current educational curriculums do not allow this to happen 5. There needs to be more after school programs targeted at at-risk youths in underserved communities 6. Social, academic, and behavioral interventions early in development can decrease juvenile delinquency in future stages of adulthood