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Persisting Disparity in Prevalence of Diabetes in the Appalachian Region of Kentucky between 2016-2020

Medical School/Institution:
Project Location/Site: Appalachian Kentucky
Key Outcomes:
In comparison to the United States (10.5-10.9%), the prevalence rate of diabetes was higher in Kentucky (12.8-13.7%) throughout 2016-2020. Diabetes prevalence was even higher in Appalachian KY (15.8-17.2%) compared to Non-Appalachian KY (11.2-12.5%). This gap in diabetes prevalence rate has remained persistent over the last 5 years. Further analysis of socioeconomic variables identified higher prevalence of diabetes between age 50-64 years, education level below high school, and annual income below $25,000 in Appalachian vs Non-Appalachian Kentucky. This study highlights the persisting prevalence of diabetes in Appalachian Kentucky. Adults with diabetes in the Appalachian Region of Kentucky have lower education and lower annual income. Efforts that focus on these differences could affect diabetes prevalence in the future.