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Evaluating the Impact of Local Policies on the Health of Immigrant Day Laborers in South FL Compared to Bay Area, CA

Medical School/Institution:
Project Location/Site: Miami-Dade County and Palm Beach County Florida and Oakland, California
Key Outcomes:
After conducting interviews on 60 day laborers in South Florida and Oakland, CA, the study found that the average age of participants was 36 years of age. Most participants originated from Mexico if interviewed in Oakland and originated from Guatemala if interviewed in South Florida. Fifty-three of the participants (88%) identified as undocumented while 41 (69%) stated not having health insurance. When asked whether day laborers were victims of violent crime, 40% stated that they had been robbed before, but when breaking down the statistic by state, most people who answered yes were day laborers in Oakland. Fifty-two individuals stated that they have used or still use alternative medicine to help alleviate common illnesses.