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Cultural and Socioeconomic Factors Impacting HPV Vaccination Rates across North Texas

Medical School/Institution:
Project Location/Site: North Texas
Key Outcomes:
While we initially expected to collect a greater number of data points, we came to understand many of the barriers and expect to address and amend our project to recruit additional participants for a more significant data set in the coming months. The data we were able to collect demonstrates that contrary to our initial hypothesis, individuals who identified as Caucasian and who fell under the high SES in fact had the highest number of participants not vaccinated against HPV. Further studies are warranted to increase sample size, diversity of recruited population, and power of analysis. Additionally, future studies are also warranted to implement interventions based on analysis behind low vaccination rates to determine the most effective means of increasing HPV vaccination rates across North Texas. At this current time, we are working on expanding our project throughout as many North Texas clinics as we can.