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Commitment to Health at Covenant House:Improving Health and Wellness of Unhoused Youth in New Orleans

Project Location/Site: Covenant House, New Orleans, Louisiana
Key Outcomes:
Qualitative feedback displayed that residents felt as though they learned information that they originally did not know about and that they enjoyed activities where they were able to create artwork or yoga. The themes of what was most enjoyable about the program include talking with people, getting information about mental and physical health, in addition to how the staff, volunteers, and facilitators interact with the residents. Residents described that they could trust staff and volunteers with content discussed and that they appreciated their sense of freedom and being treated like an adult. Another common theme is a feeling of support; residents mentioned that programs provided them an opportunity to heal, a chance to become the best version of themselves, and the feeling of having a second family and that people care about them. The residents who rated the Commitment to Health at Covenant House programming reported that they enjoyed the sessions overall. There were 19 sessions offered throughout the duration of the program. In total, Commitment to Health at Covenant House wellness programs had 187 people in attendance, including residents who repeatedly joined sessions. Mental Health Monday programs had 95 attendees, Wellness Wednesday programs had 56 attendees, and Fitness Friday had 36 attendees. Several external factors also contributed to attendance levels on the various days, so this evaluation measure was not optimal.