Class of 2022, Icahn School of Medicine

NMF Scholar Ted Obi wants to be a healthcare innovator, someone who finds new ways to improve healthcare in marginalized communities in the US, as well as developing countries and emerging markets.

Ted first became interested in health equity when he was 13 and went on a medical mission trip to his father’s native village in Nigeria. Seeing the severe lack of resources that the community suffered and the pain and death that it caused, he resolved to do something to make a difference.

As he grew up, that goal led him to explore a career in medicine—but also in entrepreneurship. As an undergraduate, he organized a student group to go to Ghana to test developing a telemedicine project for a rural village. The project was successful and showed a lot of promise, but they were unable to continue because of political changes in the country.

Still, Ted is determined to keep working to increase healthcare access in West Africa, the US—everywhere—through creative, entrepreneurial approaches. He’s the kind of future healthcare leader that we all need—someone who is dedicated to health equity and able to think outside the box about how to achieve it.

We’re so proud of Ted and can’t wait to see how he transforms healthcare for communities around the world! Check out the organizations he’s co-founded, Melanin Doc, which builds community among medical professions students and practitioners of color, and the Diversity Innovation Hub, which uses healthcare innovation to address social determinants of health in East Harlem!