Class of 2021, Morehouse School of Medicine

NMF Scholar Kamron Robinson was born to a young mother in St. Louis, Missouri and grew up in a city that was plagued by poverty, racism, and lack of resources. Kam was fortunate to attend good schools and have a strong family support system. As a kid, he was focused on being a kid—studying, playing sports. He was aware of social disparities, but not necessarily how they affected him directly. He volunteered at the Special Olympics and was thinking he might be a special education teacher.

Then his 7-year-old cousin Karee got sick when he was a teenager. Kam was at the hospital with her every day for four months until she passed away. Those four months changed his life. He was inspired the by the skills, but, more importantly, the compassion of the doctors and nurses who cared for Karee. Not only did they treat her rare illness, but they were extraordinarily kind and caring toward her and their family. They prayed with them; they painted Karee’s nails; they gave so much more than they had to. He saw how much it meant to have healthcare professionals who cared so much. He truly believes that their compassion extended Karee’s life.

So that’s the kind of doctor Kamron wants to be. He knows that all Black, economically-disadvantaged families don’t get the kind of treatment and care that Karee did. He’s determined to be part of changing that. We’re so proud of Kamron and so excited to see how he will contribute to transforming healthcare!