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Resources on Health Equity

The vitally important work we do at National Medical Fellowships develops the health care leaders who are laser-focused on eliminating unnecessary and preventable health disparities. Here we share a selection of resources that examine the pervasiveness of health disparities in communities of color and evidence why and how access to culturally competent care is essential.  The work is broader than health — it is deeply steeped in addressing inequity in education, in wealth, and in the workforce.

Health Disparities

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Health Equity

Federal Policy to Advance Racial, Ethnic, and Tribal Health Equity

AMA Prioritizing Equity podcast

KFF’s 2023 Survey on Racism, Discrimination and Health documents the extent and impact of racism and discrimination across several facets of American life, including health care. The first in a series, the survey also documents the link between racism and discrimination and worse health and well-being, including increased feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and depression.

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Trust in Health Care

A 2024 KFF Survey on Racism, Discrimination and Health: Views on Racism and Trust in Key U.S. Institutions examines U.S. adults’ views on racism in major aspects of U.S. society, including politics, the criminal justice system, policing, education, housing, employment, and health care.

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