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Franklin Primary Health Care
Report PPT Year Type Name School Title
PDF PDF 2013 MED Jerry Abraham University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio Achieving NCQA-PCMH Recognition: Challenges for Federally Qualified Health Centers
PDF PDF 2014 MED Lauren Auer William Carey University College of Osteopathic Medicine Smoking Cessation: A Step Down Guide and Patient Education
PDF PDF 2014 MED Courtney Lee Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Patient Education Obesity Project
PDF PDF 2013 MED Juliana Macri Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Improving Referral Tracking Processes at a Community Health Center in Southern Alabama
PDF PDF 2013 MED Kelsey Murray Ohio State University College of Medicine A Survey of Mental Health Needs in a Primary Care Setting
PDF PDF 2013 MED Daribel Taveras Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education Self-Management Goals: How CHCs Can Empower Patients by Changing their Characteristics into Opportunities for Health Improvement on an Individual and Community Level