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Questions for Organizations to Consider about Active Equity & Inclusion

  1. What steps has your institution taken past Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity metrics to cultivate inclusive environments in which employees can thrive and not simply survive?
  2. Who is most visible in your organization and why? How can your organization widen its net of visibility across all business segments?
  3. How much transparency and awareness is there in your organization regarding salaries,  promotion criteria, and new opportunities?
  4. How are you transforming mentorship into sponsorship opportunities for employees? 
  5. How does your organization invest in employee resource groups?
  6. Is cultural competence training and/or the utilization of racial equity assessment tools required of all employees?
  7. Have you determined how your organization has contributed to the proliferation of systemic and structural racism and inequity? What have you done to help rectify that?
  8. Have you analyzed your organization’s policies, practices, and procedures through a more equitable lens? Who is represented in the room when changes are made?
  9. Does your company provide benefits that effectively improve and protect employees’ physical and behavioral health, as well as that of their families?
  10. Do you promote acculturation over assimilation within company culture?
  11. How are you creating a safe space in which to provide employees with the resources and education necessary to prepare for systemic and structural racism?
  12. What actions has your institution taken beyond simply issuing a statement against racism? How are you increasing awareness of these actions for your current employees and potential recruits?
  13. What community-based, private, and public organizations and/or causes does your organization donate time or resources to?
  14. Is your organization willing to limit the terms of board members? Has your organization considered diverse candidates able to fill current knowledge and skill gaps?
  15. If diverse candidates don’t apply, what are ways in which you are operating that may appear or be unwelcoming?