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Recognizing History’s Impact on Our Health Care 

Operation at Provident Hospital on South Side of Chicago, Illinois (1941).

As we step into February, a month that honors Black history annually and officially recognized by both the President and Congress, National Medical Fellowships (NMF) is reflecting on pivotal moments that have shaped racial and ethnic health disparities.

Tracing the Timeline of Inequities 

The historical timeline shared by the Kaiser Family Foundation explores the profound impact of policies and events on health care inequities. From the days of chattel slavery to segregation to landmark Civil Rights legislation, each moment has left an indelible mark on the landscape of health care access and outcomes. 

NMF’s Commitment  

NMF grounds its work in the recognition of persistent challenges that stem from historical and present-day disparities and discriminatory practices. Now, more than ever, we recommit ourselves to fostering diversity and inclusivity in the medical field. 

  • Scholarships & Support: NMF continues to provide scholarships and support for chronically underrepresented students in medicine, breaking down financial barriers and fostering the growth of diverse medical professionals. 
  • Service-Learning Programs: NMF’s service-learning programs provide hands-on opportunities for students to enhance health care delivery in chronically underserved communities. These programs match students with mentors, often eminent NMF alumni, and focus on areas of critical clinical/public health needs. 
  • Mentorship Initiatives: NMF actively promotes mentorship, creating pathways for aspiring health care professionals to access guidance, support, and role models. 
  • Diversity in Clinical Trials Research: NMF offers a training program to equip diverse physicians to lead clinical research and work to ensure that treatment and preventative regimens are thoroughly investigated across all populations. 

Join NMF in Celebrating Black Excellence 

This Black History Month let’s honor the resilience, brilliance, and contributions of Black health care leaders. We invite you to read and gain inspiration from the stories of NMF alumni and scholars.  

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Here’s to a month of reflection and resolute dedication to creating a future where everyone, regardless of background, has equal access to high quality and culturally aware health care.  

About the Image

The photo on this post is of an operation at Provident Hospital on South Side of Chicago, Illinois (1941). In 1946, Franklin C. McLean, MD, PhD, founded NMF as Provident Medical Associates (PMA), an organization affiliated with Provident Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. At that time, there was 1 African-American physician for every 3,500 African-American patients, while the ratio of white physicians to all patients was 1 to 720.