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NMF’s Use of “Latine”

Photo of many people around a conference table as someone points to a whiteboard

Language used to describe racial and ethnic groups can evolve over time to reflect changing preferences and to be more inclusive and respectful of individual identities. National Medical Fellowships (NMF) acknowledges preferences differ among individuals and communities. NMF choses to use “Latine” because it is a gender-neutral alternative to “Latino” or “Latina.”  

“Latine” has recently become more prominent as another gender-neutral alternative to “Latinx”. It was created by LGBTQIA+ Spanish speakers as a way to show inclusivity within the Spanish language. “Latine” is constructed to not specify gender, which can be more inclusive and respectful of individuals who do not identify within the gender binary. Language is an important aspect of cultural sensitivity.  

The decision to use “Latine” was made after research and consultation with scholars, alumni, board members and partners, including a cross-section of stakeholders representing different generations, ethnicities, and geographic location to assist NMF in identifying the most respectful and inclusive terminology. By adopting language that respects individual identities, NMF seeks to demonstrate its commitment to being culturally sensitive, aware of evolving language preferences, and serving the people in our community whose ethnic and gender identities intersect in a specific way.