Class of 2021, The Medical College of Wisconsin

NMF Scholar Christian Hernandez is a Milwaukee native, the son of immigrants from Mexico and Puerto Rico. Hailing from the South Side, he knows a lot about the histories of marginalized communities in the city. And he cares a lot. Those communities, predominantly Black and Latinx, are his communities. So when he started med school in Milwaukee, “community service” had a special meaning for him. It not only offered an opportunity to learn and to implement his training; it was an opportunity to serve people like him, his family, his neighbors, his friends. That was a big part of the reason he decided to become a doctor.

When the COVID-19 crisis hit, Christian was frustrated that he had to end his clerkships in the hospital, but he found a way to contribute to fighting coronavirus by collecting and distributing resources—food, masks, toilet paper, diapers, anything—in the communities that were most affected by the pandemic. Christian is yet another example of how NMF Scholars are making such a difference already, before they even graduate, and his story is just a small preview of the impact that he and others will have once they become doctors. We’re so proud of him and so excited to see all that he will do to help transform healthcare for the communities who need it most!