First-Year Resident in Family Medicine

At 10 years old, NMF Scholar Dr. Alan Kerandi and his family immigrated to the U.S. and, as he would tell it, this is when his journey truly began. After noticing, firsthand, the drastic healthcare disparities in a third-world country, especially in comparison to America, Dr. Kerandi knew that he wanted to become a physician and a mentor. His end-goal is to help someone live a better life and to help the human condition, by any means necessary.

Dr. Kerandi is currently a first-year resident in family medicine. After completing medical school in 2017, he took a break to hone in on his skills and get a better idea of the exact direction that he would take his career next. From a one-year, preliminary surgery program at the University of Minnesota to balancing his passion for IT and healthcare by working through a company that helps physicians learn how to use an electronic health record system, Dr. Kerandi has been quite busy in between med school and the start of his residency. Ultimately, Dr. Kerandi’s experience and overall values led him to pursue family medicine— he believes that family medicine is what aligns the most with his personal goals.

Seeing his father provide patients with tender love and care, from birth to old age and in between, emphasizes the need for a sense of community and belonging in healthcare. Dr. Kerandi looks forward to building meaningful relationships with his patients and giving them someone that they can trust and relate to. This is also why becoming a mentor to others is so important to him, he wants to be able to pay-it-forward to others and genuinely help others improve their lives.

We are so proud of Dr. Kerandi and are certain that he will continue to touch the lives of his patients and mentees in his career as a physician and mentor!