You are part of a robust alumni community that offers great benefits. We are excited to have you connect, partner, and collaborate with us to amplify NMF’s mission. 

There are many ways to collaborate with NMF as an alumni. From serving on Alumni Alliance or Young Leaders Council to being a mentor to a scholar, you can make an impact and help us push our mission forward. We hope you'll join us on this journey by choosing to lead in the following ways:

Mentor a Primary Care Leadership Program Scholar

Thirty PCLP scholars will actively engage with a Community Health Clinic (CHCs) site partner in leadership training, team-based project activities, and health care service delivery as part of our 13th year of the PCLP program. The program runs from June 17 – July 26, 2024.

NMF is seeking health care professionals (preference for those located in Los Angeles, CA) who are interested in participating in our six-week program this summer as a presenter and/or a mentor to one or two students.

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Join Our Journey Matters Mentorship Series 2024: Share Your Path, Shape Their Future!

Are you a National Medical Fellowship (NMF) alumni with a passion for guiding the next generation? We invite you to become a mentor in our 2024 Journey Matters series— exclusive one-hour virtual sessions designed to inspire and inform NMF scholars at the outset of their careers.

This is a unique opportunity to share your personal journey, insights, and experiences with eager, like-minded medical professionals in a group setting. Each session is a one-off commitment where your wisdom and path can light the way for those who follow.

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Speak to HELP Scholars

The Health Equity Leaders Program (HELP) is actively seeking speakers who can assist in shaping the next generation of health care leaders with a specific interest in primary care.

You will conduct a 90-minute lecture as a speaker. Presenters will receive compensation of $1,500 for didactic sessions.

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Consider creating an alumni-driven scholarship. Lift the financial burden of current medical students. Afford someone the opportunity that NMF gave you when you were a medical student. An NMF award was the difference between affording away rotations or test prep to gain a competitive advantage for residency. If you want to discuss scholarships, message us at to get started.

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