We are excited to have you connect, partner, and collaborate with us to amplify NMF’s mission. 

You are part of a robust alumni community and membership has its privileges. Here are the many ways we invite you to become involved:

  • Join the Alumni Council or the Young Leadership Council!
    These two groups are ambassadors of the alumni community, assist with fundraising efforts and leverage their networks to make sure that NMF is no longer a hidden figure.
  • Consider creating an alumni-driven scholarship.

    Ensure that the financial burden is lifted from current medical school students. Be to someone what NMF was to you when you were a medical student. Oftentimes, an NMF award was the difference between being able to afford those away rotations or test prep to gain a competitive advantage for residency. If you are interested in discussing scholarships, please send us a message at  alumni@nmfonline.org to get started.

  • Sign up to be a part of NMF’s Mentorship Program!
    We have opportunities to mentor scholars and peer alumni on their medical journey. The need for mentorship never ends and we want to make sure we are resourcing you with people who understand where you are and what you are trying to achieve in your career. We have several ways to do so based on the time you are able to commit.
  • Please subscribe to our Alumni Newsletter!
    Tell us what’s new in your world. Find out what other alumni are doing! If there is news you would like to share, please email alumni@nmfonline.org.