Thought Leadership

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Advancing Thought Leadership to Achieve Health Equity

We unapologetically raise our voice about the need for affordable access, inclusive practices, and equitable outcomes in health care. We highlight the urgency of meeting the unique needs of communities made vulnerable, providing access to primary and preventive care, and addressing the social and political determinants of health. We call for diversity in clinical research, a recognition of the impact of racial trauma on health, and the requisite dismantling of structural and systemic racism.  

We approach this work with laser focus and through a lens of racial equity and social justice. By building a health care workforce reflective of the communities it serves, NMF is ensuring that those who are presently underserved by today’s health care system will be able to access high quality health services grounded in an ethos of cultural competency. NMF has been quietly advancing the quest for health equity for decades. It is time for NMF to take its well-earned position at center stage as the preeminent organization leading the way toward greater health equity for all.  

  • Through the thought leadership of our president and CEO, members of the senior executive team, alumni, and board of directors, we will embrace our 75-year legacy of advancing health equity and rise to our rightful position of influence, accelerating the changes so desperately needed.  
  • We will unapologetically speak about medicine's harmful exploitation of populations made vulnerable, including the BIPOC community, incarcerated people, people with developmental or intellectual disabilities, and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, intersex, asexual, pansexual, and ally (LGBTQIA+) community. We will share how we are remedying this legacy of harm by advancing representatives from mistreated communities into health care leadership. 
  • We will share our knowledge, beliefs, and advocacy for systemic and structural change through co-authored publications, media appearances, conference participation, op-eds, news releases, and more. We will engage in, contribute to, and lead the national conversation about advancing health equity.  
  • We will leverage this visibility in the public conversation to increase funding for existing scholarships and to establish new scholarships for BIPOC students wishing to enter medicine and allied health professions.