Policy Partnerships

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Engage in Impactful Policy Partnerships

To advance the transformational change needed to eliminate the systemic and structural racism that contributes to the proliferation of racial disparities in health care, NMF is building an expansive coalition of partners. Together with these partners, we will develop impactful programs and policies in the private and public sectors, within organizations and industries, and at the local, state, and national levels. NMF seeks to engage many more partners who share our interests in diversity, health equity and disparities, inclusion, access to care, vaccine hesitancy, and other issues.  

This is just the beginning. NMF also casts a clarion call out to our alumni network, which stands more than 32,000 strong and is growing every year, to help fight for racial and social justice in health care. Working in solidarity with traditional and non-traditional partners, as well as alumni, NMF stands ready to collaborate on issue-centered coalition building to raise public awareness about policies and programs that reduce health inequities and dismantle racism in health care. Our strategy engages stakeholders in government, education, and the corporate sector. It prioritizes meaningful alliances with professional associations, non-profit organizations, and policy decision-makers who share our vision for ensuring every person in this country has equitable access to culturally competent, quality care. Our ambition is bold, audacious, and possible.  

  • We will partner with the entities that deliver health care services, manufacture pharmaceuticals, provide behavioral health treatment, offer managed care plans, address the social and political determinants of health, and render other goods and services.  
  • We will build transformative relationships with elected and appointed policy decision-makers to advance public policies that tackle health disparities. 
  • We will forge alliances with educators of children, young adults, health care professionals, and scientists.  
  • We will ally and work in shared service with like-minded organizations that are committed to advancing health equity and diversifying the health care workforce.  
  • We will continue to deepen existing relationships with current partners, including but not limited to the American Association of Medical Colleges, American Medical Association, National Medical Association, and National Hispanic Medical Association.  
  • We will pursue collaborative opportunities with non-traditional partners such as the American Psychological Association, Association of Black Psychologists, Black Psychiatrists of America, American Society of Hispanic Psychiatry, National Latinx Psychological Association, Association of American Indian Physicians, and others.  
  • We will engage in new policy partnerships with entities squarely focused on health policy, health equity, and the intersection of the health-wealth gap. 
  • We will build a big tent and bring aboard viable entities advancing policy and practicum work around diversity in clinical research, diversity in medicine, inclusion and belonging in medical education, and medical career development — as well as others directly supportive of NMF’s new direction.  
  • We will leverage our platforms to amplify impacted community voices on matters such as vaccine hesitancy, the unacceptable rates of mortality of Black and Brown mothers during childbirth, the realities of racial trauma, and solutions that can be brought to clinical infrastructure to address these pressing concerns.