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Build an Endowment for Scholarships and Sustainability

There is an enduring need for NMF’s work to advance health equity, and a large and permanent endowment will provide a reliable source of income for this work in perpetuity. With it, NMF will be able to count on annual endowment distributions for its scholarships and charitable work, and it will enjoy long-term fiscal stability. This enhanced financial viability will make it possible for NMF to focus on our core mission and provide leadership with the flexibility to meet unexpected challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.  

This expanded endowment will also significantly increase the size and quantity of scholarships we offer, further expanding the pipeline of BIPOC health care professionals. This steady source of income will ensure that more students can rely on a baseline level of support from NMF throughout their educational journey.

  • We will dramatically increase our endowment.
  • We will increase the size and number of NMF’s annual distribution of service-learning, need-based, and merit-based scholarships.
  • We will ensure that our endowment is professionally managed to maximize investment yield while protecting the principal.