Dr. Esther R. Dyer, NMF President & CEO (left), and Dr. Sandra B. Nichols, NMF Board Chair (right), with Jelissa MooYin, 2018 UHF/NMF Scholar


Dear Friends,  

We are excited to share with you the Final Report of the California Future Health Workforce Commission, which outlines a comprehensive plan for building the health workforce that California will need by 2030.  

The report is a clarion call for NMF’s mission: Among its 10 priorities for immediate action, the first 3 focus on recruiting and supporting students from underrepresented and low-income backgrounds for health careers; and one of these priorities is to support scholarships for health professions students who will serve in underserved communities.  At NMF, we share these priorities, and have long held this vision, on behalf of our nation and its future.

This NMF Annual Report 2018, like the report from California, is about the future: “Building the next generation of healthcare leaders.”  We recognize the unique opportunity that is in our hands.  The next generation—Generation Z, or whatever we come to call them—is the most diverse generation in our history. Its firstborn members are already in the talent pipeline, considering careers as physicians, nurses, dentists, physician assistants, pharmacists, and other health professionals.  NMF has a critical role to play, in empowering and supporting health professions students from groups that have traditionally been underrepresented in medicine.   

We are building our capacity to meet this challenge.  In 2018, a diverse group of funders have stepped forward to support our programs, and we saw tremendous growth in the participation and support of our Alumni & Friends. We were thrilled to have received new commitments to Endowed Scholarships, and Legacy Giving—and the launching of an Endowment campaign for the future.

As we go forward, we are immensely grateful for the leadership of Daniel T. McGowan who served NMF for 13 years as Board Chair, becoming Emeritus in May, 2018. Dan is an impassioned champion of NMF, and an inspiration to our Board and Alumni leaders. He has led NMF with a clarity of purpose that comes from his own deep belief in the mission. We are thankful for his commitment to our future as a very active Chair Emeritus.  

In this Annual Report we are pleased to highlight our programs and our progress in the past year. We invite you to share in NMF’s future, and give us your ideas and support.  




Dr. Sandra B. Nichols

Board Chair           


       Dr. Esther R. Dyer

        President & CEO