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Dr. Esther R. Dyer
President & CEO
212.483.8880 x308

Franca Gaudio
Chief Operating Officer
212.483.8880 x301

Paula Mejia
Chief Development Officer
212.483.8880 x303

Rosa De Los Santos
Operations Assistant
212.483.8880 x300

Dr. Joy L. Jones
Director, Scholarships & Programs
504.309.7380 x204

Colleen McLellan, M.Ed.
Associate, Scholarships & Programs
504.309.7380 x203

Adora Evans
Special Events Coordinator
212.483.8880 x306

Mariella Spagnolo, MBA
Special Projects Advisor
646.681.2319 x311

Alexandra Gemma, MPH
Manager, Scholarships & Programs
212.483.8880 x304