About-Us-Graphic_2National Medical Fellowships (NMF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the number of underrepresented minority physicians and other professionals in the healthcare workforce in order to improve access to quality healthcare in medically under-served communities.


NMF seeks to increase the pipeline of doctors, nurses and physician assistants who have the professional knowledge, cultural competency and commitment to provide quality healthcare for all members of our diverse society.

NMF achieves this by:


There is a shortage of physicians and other healthcare professionals in the United States, especially in medically under-served communities and communities of color. According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, it is estimated that the US will be short anywhere from 46,000 to 90,000 physicians by 2025. Combined with an aging population and the approximately 30 million currently uninsured Americans who will become eligible for healthcare services as a result of the Affordable Care Act, we are facing a looming healthcare crisis. Learn more about the need for NMF

Text-Books“NMF supported me 36 years ago in my medical career as a student, and they continue to help light the path for young people of color who seek to serve their communities.”

Robert K. Ross, MD
President & CEO, The California Endowment
NMF Scholar: 1977