Please note that Seattle WA is not a current PCLP placement city. 

PCLP Scholars Seattle

Site Partners

  • HealthPoint

HealthPoint’s headquarters are located in Renton, WA, 12 miles from downtown Seattle in King County. For a basic overview of Seattle’s city and demographic information, view the official city government site.

Scholar Advisors

Site Supervisor

  • Chris Schei
    Volunteer Coordinator
  • HealthPoint

Faculty Advisors

  • Ruth Michaelis, MD
  • Regional Director of Medical Education
  • AT Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine Arizona – HealthPoint WA Campus
  • Kimberly Simmons, MD
  • Regional Director of Medical Education
  • Departments of Family Medicine
    AT Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine Arizona – HealthPoint WA Campus

Housing & Transportation

Read below to find out more about housing and transportation options. Please keep in mind that GE-NMF PCLP does not endorse any landlord, management, company, or individual in these sites.


Downtown Seattle is about 12 miles and a 20 minute drive away from HealthPoint (Renton, WA). Finding housing in Renton is less expensive than many other neighborhoods in Puget Sound, but short-term leases in the city are more difficult to find. When searching for housing, keep in mind that you will have to commute to HealthPoint and other community sites, and should think about access to internet, transportation, etc. Below, we have provided a starting point for your housing search that have been helpful for previous PCLP Scholars.

  • Craigslist – Go to the Seattle metro page and search within “housing” or “sublets/temporary,” and then click on the tabs at the top for specific cities. Seattle is the closest (about 12 miles away and a 20 minute drive.) Tacoma and Eastside are about 26 miles away and a 30 minute drive, and will have cheaper sublets available. The other cities will likely be too far of a commute to provide feasible housing options.
  • Rotating Room – Subletting site for fourth year medical students doing fourth-year-away rotations.
  • University of Washington Sub-Licensing of on-campus rooms
  • Places4Students – Partners with universities to display local listings. For the Seattle metro area, you can search for listings near Seattle University (Seattle) and Pierce College Fort Steillacoom (Lakewood) for listings. Pacific Lutheran University (Tacoma)’s listings are protected.
  • AirBnB – Search for Seattle, WA and select the dates you would need based on your time block.


Keep in mind that having a car is the best means of transportation and will allow you travel flexibility and convenience. However, if it’s impossible to have a car during your service-learning experience, there are many public transportation options in the Seattle area.

  • King County Transit – Can search routes by neighborhood. HealthPoint is a 7-minute walk from the SW Sunset Blvd & Hardie Ave SW bus stop.
  • A regional transit pass can be bought that allows for unlimited rides per month, with a graded monthly cost determined by the fare value of your typical ride. The types of fares can be found here.
  • King County organizes a Vanpool based on neighborhood, routes, etc. To find a group to ride with, search here or continue onto Be aware that this option might not give you much transportation flexibility.

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