Since 2018 PCLP Scholars have participated in service-learning programming in Oakland, CA.

Site Partners

Community health center (CHC) Site Partners for PCLP in 2020 will be updated in the coming weeks. In past years, Scholars have completed their projects at La Clínica de La Raza in the Fruitvale neighborhood and throughout Oakland. For a basic overview of Oakland’s city and demographic information, view the latest United States Census Bureau’s demographics estimates.

Scholar Advisors

Site Supervisors

Site Supervisors are responsible for coordinating the program on-site, providing site orientation and scheduling time for leadership training, webinar participation and other related program activities.

Faculty Advisors

Faculty Advisors provide guidance for the PCLP Project and offer professional and academic mentoring.

Housing & Transportation

Read below to find out more about housing and transportation options. Please keep in mind that PCLP does not endorse any landlord, management, company, or individual in these sites.


keep in mind that you will have to commute to your Site Partner as well as to other community sites, and should think about access to internet, transportation, etc. Below, we have provided a starting point for your housing search that have been helpful for previous PCLP Scholars:

  • Craigslist– Apartments and housing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sublets and Shared Rooms may be available in dropdown menu at top of screen.
  • Rotating Room– Enter necessary information to secure a temporary sublet.
  • AirBnB– search apartments/housing in Oakland or near your program site.


Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is a rapid transit system serving Oakland and the entire Bay Area. BART operates on elevated tracks and as a subway throughout Oakland.

BART offers the “A” Fast Pass, which is used throughout a calendar month and gives unlimited access to rapid transit around the Bay Area. For more information, please visit BART.


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