Site Partners

  • El Centro de Corazón
  • Legacy Community Health Services
  • Spring Branch Community Health Center

The headquarters of our Houston Site Partners are located between 10- and 20 minute drives from Downtown Houston.

Scholar Advisors

Site Supervisors

Site Supervisors are responsible for coordinating the program on-site, providing site orientation and scheduling time for leadership training, webinar participation and other related program activities.

  • Kavon Young, MD
    Medical Director
  • El Centro de Corazón
  • Ann S. Barnes, MD
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Legacy Community Health Services
  • Marlen Trujillo, MBA
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Spring Branch Community Health Center/Gabrielle Foytik, MPH
    Director of Community Health
    Spring Branch Community Health Center

Faculty Advisors

Faculty Advisors provide guidance for the PCLP Project and offer professional and academic mentoring.

Housing & Transportation

Read below to find out more about housing and transportation options. Please keep in mind that GE-NMF PCLP does not endorse any landlord, management, company, or individual in these sites.


Downtown Houston is about a 10-20 minute drive away from our Houston Site Partners. Site Partners have advised students to look outside of Loop 610 for housing. This is due to the expensive neighborhoods within the loop. When searching for housing, keep in mind that you will have to commute to your assigned partner site along in addition to other community sites, and should think about access to internet, transportation, etc. Below, we have provided a starting point for your housing search that have been helpful for previous PCLP Scholars.

  • Craigslist – Go to the Houston metro page and search within “housing” or “sublets/temporary,” and then click on the tabs at the top for specific cities.
  • Rotating Room – Subletting site for fourth year medical students doing fourth-year-away rotations:
  • Rice University Off-Campus Housing Site – Offers a search engine for off campus housing geared towards students in the Houston area:
  • AirBnB – Search for Houston, TX and select the dates you would need based on your time block.


Keep in mind that having a car is the best means of transportation and will allow you travel flexibility and convenience. Site Partners have advised that Scholars avoid public transportation options as they may be too complicated and burdensome.

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