Esteves, Jensen NDEP Scholar Jensen Esteves
Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing
A third year graduate student, Jensen Esteves worked at Hayward Unified School District as a nurse. He overlooked four schools ranging from kindergarten to high school. There, he also cared for a multitude of students in low socioeconomic households, especially those with chronic medical conditions such as type 1 diabetes, severe allergies, and asthma. Mr. Esteves also had the opportunity to work for Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in New York City.
  Girmay, Blen NDEP Scholar Blen Girmay
New York University School of Medicine
A first year medical student, Blen Girmay, was a long-term coordinator for an inner city community center in Baltimore for children grades K-12. Working as an ophthalmic technician the past year, Ms. Girmay saw first-hand the effects of uncontrolled diabetes on vision and the importance of education in preventative healthcare. Currently volunteering at the New York University (NYU) School of Medicine NYC Free Clinic, Ms. Girmay has further identified the need of education in underserved populations without continuous healthcare. Ms. Girmay plans to continue learning about the public health barriers facing the underserved during her medical school career by pursuing an MPH in global health.
  Harpe, Jasmin NDEP Scholar Jasmin Harpe
Weill Cornell Medical College
A third year medical student, Jasmin Harpe discovered her passion for decreasing disparities in healthcare and decided to attend the Yale School of Public Health for her Masters. There, she learned how to create culturally appropriate interventions for underserved communities and interned at the Department of Health and Human Services. At the Heart to Heart Community Outreach Campaign she has become an Outreach Coordinator and Researcher who continues to study the intersection of race, access to healthcare, and disparities in cardiovascular and metabolic health, which disproportionately impact people of color.
  Ibrahim, Timothy NDEP Scholar Timothy Ibrahim
SUNY Downstate College of Medicine
A second year medical student, Timothy Ibrahim utilized his creativity and education in neuroscience as tools to make science palatable to underserved high school students with educational outreach programs CityLab and Project: Brainstorm. As Director of Education of CityLab in his senior year, Timothy developed training modules and established partnerships with the Los Angeles United School District that continue to be fruitful for inner-city teenagers who want to go to college and learn more about science. Now, as the Chief Administrative Officer of the student run Brooklyn Free Clinic, he devotes his free time to managing all non-medical affairs of the clinic and ensuring efficiency of care for patients in the Flatbush area.
  Ikpot, Imoh NDEP Scholar Imoh Ikpot
Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
A fourth year student, Imoh Ikpot earned a B.S. degree in biomedical engineering in 2010. He co-founded a chapter of the Students National Medical Association (SNMA) at CMSRU. Through this chapter, he created a program to help premedical students from disadvantaged backgrounds navigate the medical school application process. He served as the regional SNMA Community Service Coordinator for all New York and New Jersey chapters.
During the summer of 2012, he helped provide free medical care to low-income patients without medical insurance at the Camden Community Collaborative Practice (CCCP) student-run clinic. Throughout his medical school career, Imoh has volunteered at a local addiction treatment center, where he tended to the needs of those suffering from addiction. To provide support for increasing food options for Camden residents, Imoh wrote a grant to establish a community garden to allow residents access to fresh produce. The community garden continues to provide free produce for local families.
  Jagroop, Jonathan NDEP Scholar Jonathan Jagroop
SUNY Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine
A first year medical student, Jonathan Jagroop was a participant of the MedPrep Program at Columbia University and the STEP UP program at Temple University School of Medicine, both of which instilled the principles of cultural competency, commitment of service to underserved communities, and bolstering of the minority presence within the medical field. He engaged in academic research, one focused on diabetic retinopathy and the other involved the regulation of the Hippo pathway. He also volunteered at a diabetes clinic in Philadelphia, and at the medical office of Dr. Majeed in his hometown. In medical school, he plans to continue finding effective methods of educating patients in a social context about living healthier lifestyles.
  Magarinos, Jessica NDEP Scholar Jessica Magarinos
SUNY Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine
A first year medical student, Jessica Magarinos graduated from Hofstra University with a BS in Biology and Applied Physics with a concentration in Biochemistry. During her undergraduate career she volunteered at a safety net hospital in her community and focused on connecting families of the area to resources for food, shelter, and health care. During her time at SUNY Downstate Medical College, she mentored high school students for a weekend science enrichment program. The program culminated in the students presenting on various diseases that affected organs they dissected throughout the course of their participation. She is also involved in community education through the Downstate student interest group in neurology. They are currently working on doing outreach programs to local schools to teach fundamentals of brain anatomy and how behavior can impact development.
  Malabe-Stagias, Ronda NDEP Scholar Ronda Malabe-Stagias
Hunter/Baruch Graduate School
A second year graduate nursing student, Ronda A. Malabe-Stagias has been a registered professional nurse for fifteen years, with the last ten working as a senior staff nurse in the Coronary Care Unit at Lenox Hill Hospital North Shore LIJ. For the last two years she has volunteered as the Diabetic Champion in the Coronary Care Unit. Mrs. Malabe-Stagias volunteered to stay throughout Hurricane Sandy and also reported voluntarily to work during the attack on the World Trade Center when she worked at NYU. She is currently enrolled in a dual degree program while working full-time as a staff nurse.
  Villalta, Maria NDEP Scholar Maria Villalta
Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing
A second year nurse practitioner student, Maria Villalta volunteered as a registered nurse during super storm Sandy at Lenox Hill Hospital. She provides personal funds to create a scholarship essay contest for low income minority fifth grade students in Washington Heights, New York City. She hopes this will build a pipeline for racial/ethnic minority students to engage early in higher education. As a bilingual Spanish English speaking provider, she is committed to building bridges with the Latino population. She also aspires to be the forefront of primary care, and intends to graduate with a sub-specialty in HIV/AIDS.
  Whyte, Yentoneth NDEP Scholar Yentoneth Whyte
Pace University
A second year advance practice nursing student, Yentoneth Whyte worked with organizations affiliated with the Department of Education. She tutors disadvantaged students at Wagner High School in Staten Island. Ms. Whyte has volunteered at numerous facilities, including various homeless organizations such as For the Heart Ministries, and Brookdale Medical Center in the Emergency Department. She also participates in the health drive where she monitors the Blood Pressure of people passing by on the street and checks blood sugar levels using the glucometer.