Amid a worldwide vaccination effort and as part of our mission to ensure health equity, NMF has reinforced its commitment to providing pathways for physicians and students underrepresented in medicine (URM) to pursue careers as clinical investigators. NMF’s new Diversity in Research Programs portfolio comprises three major initiatives that share the ultimate goal of increasing underrepresented patient engagement and participation in clinical research to ensure that treatment and preventative regimens are thoroughly investigated across all populations. Our expanded programming provides training and support for URM physicians and students, and physicians with demonstrated commitment to increasing diversity in clinical research, to become more actively involved in clinical trials.

These bold initiatives create unprecedented opportunities to increase cultural competency in clinical trials and to push back the tide of mistrust, historically earned, of the medical community among vulnerable populations. NMF seeks to become a leader in the national effort to increase diversity in clinical trial research in furtherance of the elimination of healthcare disparities.

Current Clinical Research Programs