The online application will open in April 2013. Please check back frequently for updates.

The National Medical Association annually recognizes and rewards African-American medical students for extraordinary accomplishments, academic excellence, leadership and potential for significant contributions to medicine.

The NMA Emerging Scholar Awards are the highest honors presented to students by the National Medical Association. The highest ranking scholar receives The Patti LaBelle Scholarship. These awards recognize academic achievement, leadership, and potential for 

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distinguished contributions to medicine. These awards are presented to current first, second, or third-year medical students, with demonstrated financial need. The JNMA Awards for Medical Journalism recognizes demonstrated skills in journalism and academic achievement and leadership.

Candidates must be in the third or fourth year of medical school and must have published articles and photographs in, or been writers, editors, photographers on the staffs of: Medical school newspapers; medical students’ journals (i.e. Student National Medical Association, or the New Physician magazine); Recognized professional journals (i.e. National Medical Association, the Journal of the American Medical Association); or other accredited scientific journal. Students who have written, produced or directed health-related films, commercials or videos are also encouraged to submit their applications and samples of their work.


Eligibility and Selection Criteria:

Eligibility for these awards is limited to African-American medical students. Each medical school may submit up to two nominations for The NMA Emerging Scholar Awards and two for the Awards for Medical Journalism. Number and value of the awards: The number of scholarship varies annually. The NMA Emerging Scholar Awards are $2,250 each. The NMA Patti LaBelle Award is $5,000. The NMA Awards for Medical Journalism are of $2,500 each.

Application and Selection Procedures:

The general application materials submitted for each nominee must include: a letter of recommendation that fully discusses the candidate’s academic performance, extracurricular activities and other qualifications; a completescholarship application form, an essay of at least 500 words written by the student (the essay should discuss the students motivation for a career in medicine and plans over the next ten years) and an official academic transcript. For Emerging Scholars only: Applicants must demonstrate and document financial need by submitted complete copies of their parents’, spouse and their own most recent 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ tax forms. All nontaxable income (e.g. AFDC, ADC, Social Security benefits, Etc.) must als

o be documented by the appropriate agency. Applicants with neither taxable nor nontaxable income must provide verification of means of support. All parental financial data must be submitted to evaluate dependant status. 

Applicants for the NMA Awards in Medical Journalism must also submit samples of their journalistic work for review by the selection committee. Printed articles and photographs may be submitted electronically or in the form of clippings, reprints or photocopies showing the name and date of the publication in which they appeared. Broadcast (radio & Television), film and video entries should be submitted as scripted material accompanied by audiocassettes or 3/5" videocassettes or DVD. Entries must have been published or produced within the last three years

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